The Lino Rich List no more.

This site was created by me - CryptoCloaker - feel free to post some random stuff on my channel.

Alas, LINO will soon be no more and whilst the barn door of a crypto exit is open I have ran through it.

I've enjoyed the LINO community and the chance it happened upon me to learn a new language - namely golang - but I will not be continuing my efforts on the new blockchain used by LINO's primary sponsor - dlive.

I'll leave this page up for a few more months but the stats are no more as I have closed my servers - if anyone wants to buy the domain name please contact me on discord.

I'll just leave this blatant self shilling TRX curvy AI link here...... ;-)
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The following is not an advert (the image above is):

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I'll leave it there - nothing to sell you guys & girls, just a suggestion to read up on it.

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